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When you face changes in your professional or private life,

When you are wondering about your choices,

When you feel trying something but you are not sure about yourself...


Coaching will empower you to make your decisions, will help you to discover your hidden resources and to take actions towards your objective.


This is a guarantee that your coach got the training, the experience and the standard

you deserve.

Would you trust any other professional with no recognised qualifications working with you and for you?

I am a Certified Professional Coach from the Institute de Coaching (IDC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF), Member of ICF

I am also certified in the Hogan Assessment System, which will help you to explore normal personality characteristics (bright side), career derailment risks (dark side), core value drivers, cognitive style, and decision-making ability.



Working with Luca changed me from a coaching skeptic to a coaching believer….   Luca’s coaching enabled me to develop solutions to multiple personal challenges: 2018 goals,  complex family plans and my personal health plan.   All the plans developed in the coaching sessions were successfully implemented and are still on-track.   Luca’s coaching session were value added to my life and his style made it very easy. 

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