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“Education is the kindling of a flame,
not the filling of a vessel."

I design customised training in Marketing, Sales, Communication, Inclusion & Diversity. 

Please contact me to discuss your training needs and how I can best support you.

Communication & Presentation Skills 

During this training you will understand the foundation of a good communication, you will experience how to simplify complex concepts, and you will learn how to create an effective PowerPoint presentation and how to stand in front of the audience.

During this training we will explore different ways of selling, convincing and handling customers' objections.

How to Face an Interview

During this 1-day workshop you will have information on the different types of interviews and the stakeholders involved, the pre-interview work, how to behave during the interview process promoting your transversal/soft skills and answering the most common questions during an interview process.

During this 2-day training we will cover the basic of statistics and how to read a clinical paper. This training is particularly suitable for those who work with medical doctors (Sales reps, Technical Consultants, Clinical Specialists, Marketeers..)

Sales Training​​
Basics of Statistics and Clinical Papers


on the "Communication & Presentations Skills" Workshop

Interactive and to the point, very good examples

Several very clear take-home messages, directly applicable on our presentation habits. The training was also entertaining! The personal presentation workshop is very useful

Well structured, good interaction and rules-setting.

Real life examples in business life

Dynamic presentation of the content, basic elements to improve presenting our research. Thank you!

Interactive and easy-going. I felt free to ask questions and discuss anything. The feedback about the presentation was useful. Luca is a very entertaining and charismatic instructor.

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